Vacation Time and Aging in Place

Summer’s here and for many of us that means vacation time. This is when families gather at the lake or campground, extending traditions for yet another year and to another generation. Everyone together, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren, maybe even uncles, aunts and cousins, all together at one time for fun in the sun.

Aging can present challenges to these traditions, but if they are acknowledged, many are easy to resolve. Most are issues of mobility and access.

If everyone is going to be able to come to camp, the family needs to look for simple ways to make it elder- accessible. Maybe a ramp is undesirable, but some landscaping could eliminate the need for those two steps at the front door.

Not all problems require big solutions. A grab rail for the bathroom to make negotiating the tub safer and easier is now available in a portable model. It has suction cups that hold it to the wall. You can even get a small one that fits the hand. (These can also make getting in and out of bed easier.)

While we are in the bathroom; how about a low cost adapter to elevate the seat and make the toilet easier to use? Is the walker to hard to transport? That’s an easy one, they make a collapsible model. There is even a telescopic cane.

It is also important to consider transportation. Is the reason Grandpa stopped coming to camp really because he is too tired? Maybe it’s that long drive or difficulty packing. Perhaps sharing the ride or helping him get ready will make all the difference.

Summertime is family time.

Aging in Place, it doesn’t happen by accident.

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Scott Funk has specialized in Home Equity Conversion Mortgage reverse mortgages for over a decade. He is a recognized Aging in Place advocate in his home state of Vermont. His monthly newspaper column Aging in Place has run for 7 years in 24 papers around the state. Scott is brings a lighthearted approach to his talks on Boomers, retirement and aging on purpose.