Team Funk

the-funksWhile Kelly and Scott make up the heart of Team Funk, they enjoy the support of others not in the photograph.  All work diligently to deliver Vermont style professional service in a personal and friendly manner. Together they have made Team Funk the most successful Home Equity Conversion Mortgage reverse mortgage specialists in Vermont. Reaching all the way across the country to California they are also among the top in their field nationally.  Their success is based on the principle of working hard for referrals by encouraging and answering questions, allowing people to take their time, and supporting the right choice in each situation. Remarkable in an industry know for chasing the next deal, Team Funk prides itself on follow up and follow through. Their commitment to clients goes beyond the closing. By staying in touch they help make sure clients enjoy the benefits they expected. This “after the sale” relationship is also how Team Funk has learned what works and doesn’t in hundreds of people’s lives.




Kelly Funk
Licensed mortgage originator. Manages the business, marketing, client follow up, quality control, scheduling and keeps both the paperwork and Scott organized. Background in social services. Artist, photographer, gardener, fabulous cook , a great dancer and, yes, Scott’s wife. Something few people know about Kelly (until now). She learned to cook Chinese food by working in a Chinese restaurant.

Scott Funk
Licensed mortgage originator. Consults directly with clients, does the applications and manages the process through to closing. Writes articles and blog. Background in sales and marketing. Gardener, photographer, reader of US history, writer, public speaker, Aging Advocate, (yes) Kelly’s husband, and would-be dancer, Something few people know about Scott.  Once while camping out in Yellow Stone a bear took his backpack right out from under his head. This was the second time Scott had a bear encountered while sleeping.  (Scott was sleeping, not the bears.)

Pepper has been with the family for a few years. She is a rescue, half greyhound and half Rhodesian ridgeback.  Pepper is a wonderful dog. Among her remarkable qualities is the ability to (almost) never take a good picture.

Elizabeth Chicken
Elizabeth is the newest member of the family. Kelly loves chickens and if we didn’t live in the village would no doubt have a henhouse full. In the meantime, Elizabeth is Scott’s pitiful attempt to hold off the inevitable.