Elizabeth the ChickenI found Elizabeth Chicken in a resale shop called Sweet Charity in the small city of Vergennes, Vermont. The shop raises money for women and children in need and Kelly and I frequently stop by when in the area.

Elizabeth was standing in the used toy corner, looking sort of crazed with her popping eyes. I knew immediately there was room in our home for this bird.

Kelly was delighted when I brought the chicken home. After all, she was raised in the North East Kingdom, the most rural area of Vermont. Her family are all lovers of chickens and Kelly used to keep them along with geese, turkeys, ducks and peafowl.

Anyway, I found where to insert the batteries, touched the “Press Here” tag on her wing. Elizabeth Chicken began dancing around, flapping her wings and clucking Camp Town Races. Pepper went out of her skin with excitement.

Just as everything was settling down, I picked the bird up by her throat and she started squawking and flapping her wings. Off Pepper went again and over came Kelly to rescue Elizabeth.

That was many months ago. Now Elizabeth Chicken lives in my study and has a cousin Rupert Rooster who roosts in the office. Every now and then we gather them in the dinning room and let them dance together. They cluck and flap while Pepper watches from the other room with a worried look on her face.

And yes, occasionally I do grab the bird by the neck just to hear her squawk.