photo 2Pepper’s Resume [more ‘bio’ than ‘resume’]

Pepper is a rescue and she came to us already named. Although Scott renamed her Sgt. Pepper (Kelly favored Pepper Pot Stew), she remains pretty much just Pepper.

We met her at the Riverside Rescue in Lunenberg, Vermont in the summer of 2010. She was 2 ½ years old.

She was part of a litter bred locally for a pet store selling puppies at Christmas. Half Rhodesian Ridgeback and half Greyhound (at a guess), these puppies had a lot more energy than families expected and most of them ended up in rescue.

Pepper’s next owner was a man who treated and trained her well. We think he was a big man with a beard who wore a uniform or overalls and brought home pizza in boxes to share with the dog, because when Pepper sees someone fitting that description, she pretty much goes crazy with happiness. Unfortunately, when he became allergic to dog hair, it was back to the shelter for Pepper.

Her next home was with an “elderly” couple. Given her incredible energy, this was a very short-lived situation. Then, back to the shelter.

When we met Pepper, it was love at first sight for all three of us. She came home that day and has been a wonderful addition to the family ever since.

While Pepper is an extremely friendly dog, she does have occasional social difficulties. In part, this is because she is ever a puppy and gets too excited when meeting other dogs. This can lead to surprises on everyone’s part. Also, the ridge makes her look angry and fierce. Often, unfamiliar dogs just start out aggressive when they see her.

Pepper loves to ride in the car. Often she joins me as I travel around Vermont meeting with clients. She is very well-mannered on a leash and has to remain on one whenever out. As a sight-hound, Pepper is too quick and easily attracted elsewhere for us to risk letting her run free.